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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Bright Beginnings

Our Vision,Values & Aims

  • To provide quality care and comfort in a safe and stimulating environment where children’s individual needs are supported.

  • To provide experiences for children and their families where everyone feels valued and respected

  • To promote self-discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning through play in an inclusive environment with opportunities for everyone to learn

  • To provide opportunities for creative and imaginative play where we encourage children to explore their emotions and own identity and help build their self-esteem.

  • To encourage community engagement and to celebrate and explore the diverse and cultural world around us.

  • To promote independence and help build community resilience through positive partnerships and working together.

  • To promote and endorse an ethos of equal opportunities for everyone where they feel valued and respected within our nursery community.

Care Inspections

This is what the Care Inspectorate thought of us at our last inspection:-

Children demonstrated warm, trusting and relaxed relationships with staff.  Staff were responsive to children's moods and well-being.  As a result, children were settled and happy.  Babies' routines were consistent between home and Nursery, and they received warm, nurturing care and support.  They explored a range of stimulating toys and activities which interested and engaged them.  Lots of one to one interaction and singing from staff supported babies learning and development.  


The toddler section had plenty of natural and sensory play, helping them to be curious and explore textures.  


Older children had a good range of experiences, including natural resources that supported their imagination.  Staff were working towards helping children to make their own choices and be independent in their learning.

The staff working with the older children were respectful in speaking to the children.  Children received positive support, encouragement and praise.  As a result, children's behaviour and social skills were positive, and firm friendships with their peers were evident.  Parents were involved in sharing children's learning from home and supporting children's self-esteem.  Children's health was supported in the Nursery, and they learned to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Children were developing independence and self-help skills in snack routines.  Lunches were nutritious and appetising, supporting children to eat well.  Children knew healthy foods.


Children enjoyed regular physical, energetic play outdoors in the fresh air, and loose parts stimulated their imaginative play and problem-solving skills.  Children in the three to five areas also had many more open-ended activities to explore.  They explored shapes and numbers and wrote their names in dry sand trays with their fingers.  They played co-operatively with their friends in imaginative play, using the fun enclosed 'hidey hole' at the rear of the stage.  Children were confident, independent and making very good progress in their learning.  They were proud of their achievements displayed on the achievement door display.


This is what some of our parents told the Care Inspectorate:-

The Nursery is like a home from home for my child and I never have any concerns with her going to Nursery. My child's keyworker has worked with my child on an individual fear and have worked wonders. The staff are amazing, my second child will definitely be going there.'


'I am so happy that my child is being looked after by such a fantastic, wonderful caring and supportive staff. The owner/manager runs BBN so efficiently; they do an amazing job, I just cannot recommend this Nursery highly enough. All the children are very happy, experiencing new things either indoors or outdoors every day. Staff are always willing to help, offer advice etc. The whole team put in an extra effort to make Bright Beginnings the most, nourishing, stimulating learning environment. I can only thank Sam and her team for looking after my children.


My child loves to go to Nursery. I feel at Bright Beginnings that I am leaving my child with family.  I plan to keep my child there for pre-school as they are very settled.  I love the Facebook page and often see what my child has been up to, which puts me at ease.'


Bright Beginnings Nursery has supported me and my child numerous times throughout the year.  The staff have been so helpful, and the manager helped us to get the help we needed for my child.  They were caring and supportive.

Bright Beginnings

In The Moment Planning


The cycle of observation, assessment, planning, observation is carried out on a moment-by-moment basis. 

We are still keeping to the Key Person system and the home/nursery diaries are sent to all children at the end of the day through our nursery app Blossom.


The parents/carer’s role in our new system

If your child is due to be a ‘focus child’ we will give you a parent consultation sheet to fill in the week before.  We value the knowledge and understanding you have of your child and would really appreciate it if you would share anything significant happening in your child’s life at that moment with us. Together we can plan activities to meet your child’s needs. This will help us to plan for their future learning and development.

Activities that occur are recorded when the cycle is complete.  These records are on the child's learning journey through Blossom and on “planning in the moment” sheets for activities in which a group have become involved.

We work in this way because ...

“Babies and young children are experiencing and learning in the here and now, not storing up their questions until tomorrow or next week. It is in that moment of curiosity, puzzlement, effort or interest – the ‘teachable moment’ – that the skilful adult makes a difference. By using this cycle on a moment-by-moment basis, the adult will be always alert to individual children (observation), always thinking about what it tells us about the child’s thinking (assessment), and always ready to respond by using appropriate strategies at the right moment to support children’s well-being and learning (planning for the next moment).”

From National Standards document Learning, Playing and Interacting P.22 - 23


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